The Notability Story

Ryder S Booth
Ginger Labs
UX / Visual Designer (2009-2016)

My Role

I was the lead designer up until around 2013, when I began sharing the workload with Jamey. GingerLabs was running as a startup so we all did tons of work.


  • Market Research
  • Wireframing
  • High Fidelity Flows
  • Collaborated with the engineers closely
    in all aspects of the product.


Fred Mitchell

Colin Gilboy
Engineering Lead / Audio

Holmes Futrell
Handwriting / Core GFX

Garrett Mitchell
Engineer / Futurist

Jameson Bryant
Co-Lead Designer

Gail Blumberg
Design Consultant

Justin Brock
Product Marketing

Let’s Turn the iPhone into a Hearing Aid

My role at Ginger Labs began with being brought on to help create soundAMP. We couldn’t call soundAMP a hearing aid, but it did help people hear more clearly using the iPhone’s earbuds. It did this using the earbuds & internal mic in the iPhone, applying gain in user-definable frequencies to the environment in the earbuds similarly to how a hearing aid works. Through its life cycle, it evolved into something very different, and I was along for the ride.